Eloquent Writings About Stuff


No Red Squigglies For Semicolons

Linters are powerful code quality tools. Stylistic consistency is important. Linters should never enforce stylistic consistency.

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On Declarative Styling

By limiting the amount of CSS we can write, we improve the quality of the CSS we do write.

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Request Timeouts With the Fetch API

The Fetch API is great, but didn't ship with the ability to timeout requests. There's a new API to help with that.

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Functional-First Accordions

Did you know that HTML basically has a built-in, fully functional accordion component? Well now you do.

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A Better Album Ranking Algorithm

In its quest to glorify the scrobble, Last.fm has forgotten the humble album. We can almost fix that.

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Customizing Tachyons

Tachyons is an insanely powerful atomic CSS library with sane defaults. But sane isn't perfect for every project.

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A Form-Fitted Z Shell

How I made my Z shell work for me, and how you might be able to maybe make yours work for you too.

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